Our Hair

We carry 100% virgin unprocessed hair.  We work hard to bring you the best quality hair at the best prices.  Our virgin unprocessed hair comes in two textures natural straight and natural wave. Our virgin hair can be colored and permed. We offer other textures in our virgin hair; this hair has been processed with a very gentle process called water steaming.  With this process little damage is caused to the hair and the integrity is still intact so you can color this hair but it Cannot be permed. Both of our Virgin unprocessed and processed hair is cuticle hair, meaning all of the cuticles are intact and running in the same direction from root to ends.  Here are the textures that have undergone this process, our body wave, dance curl, curly, relaxed texture and T- curl.

All though we start with the best quality hair, hair is a commodity. Meaning you will not receive the same hair everytime because it doesn’t come from the same donor. It will still be the same great quality.Whether you choose our virgin unprocessed hair or our virgin processed hair it may not be exactly like the last batch of hair or wig that your ordered.  Much like an orange, which is a commodity, no orange is the same

About our lace wigs and lace pieces–  All our lace wig and lace pieces are crafted by hand. The come in the natural brown color. We offer our wigs in 130% and 150% density anything more than 150% will have to be custom made. Our wigs come in size small and medium. They come with baby hair around the perimeter and a natural color lace.  Our knots are lightly bleached just in the hairline.  We offer a natural density in the hairline which makes the wig look more natural. The hair can be parted in any direction.

Lace front wigs–  Our lace front wigs have a 4.5” lace in the center and 2” from temple to ear with wefts in the back.  These wigs can be worn without gluing or taping.

Full lace wigs–  Our full lace wigs have stretch lace in the back you can part the hair in any direction.  This wig must be adhered either with tape or glue. You may also add a strap in the back to keep this wig in place.  This wig can be pulled up in a ponytail and a high bun.

Glueless full lace wigs– have combs and adjustable straps to fit snug on the head. This wig does not require adhesive or tape. The front lace is 6 inches.  Can be worn with or without glue or tape.

Lace closures– our lace closures come one size 5.5. They come with baby hair in the front and lightly bleached knots and come in a natural lace color. They can be parted in any direction

Lace frontals– Our lace frontals are 13X4, they have baby hair, and lightly bleached knots and come in a natural lace color. They can be parted in any direction.