The maintenance program for your wig depends on the texture and rather you have colored.


D0- use a wide tooth comb and/or a detangling brush. Always brush from the ends to the root. Gently holding the hair in the opposite hand, you are using to brush with.  (refer to above picture)

DO- shampoo with sulfate free shampoos and conditioners

D0- use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners.

DO- have ends clipped when needed

DO- allow to dry naturally or under a cool dryer

Do- shampoo as needed, this really depends on how you wear your Lace wig/piece/bundle hair.  If you are wearing a sew-in or if you are using adhesive to apply your wig. Shampoo your hair weekly or biweekly. This also depends on your lifestyle.  If you are a person who works out you will want to shampoo your hair every week.

DO- Use products that complement the hair.  Hair is a commodity therefore; every piece is Unique. Much like your own head there could be different textures in one piece, because of this, products may performance may vary per lace piece or bundle.  Be patient with your journey take the time to find the correct product for that lace piece\bundle of hair and remember when you receive the next one results may vary.

DO- Use light oils and anti-humidity products as needed. Make sure you test these products on the hair and remember not to over use them.  “Too much product” can be just as bad as “not enough product.”

DO- Tie the hair up with a 100 % silk scarf if you are using you lace piece or bundle hair for extended use.

DO- Use caution when coloring hair.

DO- place your lace wig on a wig head nightly if you are not using it for extended wear.

DO- use curl moisturizers or curl definers (if you are wearing curly Hair)

DO- Remove lace wig and clean it thoroughly on a routinely basis.(extended wear only)

DO- style hair with your fingers (curly Hair)

DO- Use medium heat to curl hair