Hair Taboos

Do Not- Scratch the lace of your lace wig/piece

Do Not- use harsh abrasive shampoos like dandruff shampoo, mint base shampoos, shampoos with tea tree oil in them. Etc…

Do Not- brush the wig/lace piece vigorously with excess pulling and tugging.

Do Not- Use products with alcohol

Do Not-  Use hi heat, this will dry out the hair

Do Not- force your fingers through the ends of the hair. If you run your fingers through the wig/lace and they get stuck, stop what you are doing and have your ends clipped. Brushing, combing or running your fingers through split ends caused excess pulling.  Excess pulling will cause the knots to release and cause premature shedding.

Do Not- Use Shampoos with sulfur

Do Not- put conditioner directly on the lace.  This can cause the knots to loosen over time.

Do Not- leave the lace wig/lace piece on for an over extended amount of time. For lace wigs, we suggest you remove the wig every two weeks for cleaning and reapplication.  We have foundwhen the lace wig/piece is left on for more than 2 to 3 weeks without shampooing, excess oil from the hair and scalp can cause a thin film to settle on the inside of the lace.  This film can settle into the knots and cause them to loosen over time. When the knots loosen the lace wig/piece will shed prematurely.

Do Not- cut the lace beyond the hair line

Do Not- go to bed with your wig or lace piece wet

Caution– We know that many people are altering lace wigs/pieces by plucking them to make them thinner. This process can cause premature shedding to the lace over time. If you would like a lace wig/piece with a lighter density we can make a custom lace wig/ piece for you.  Sometimes this can prevent you from feeling the need to pluck the lace wig/piece or hair line.


Caution– We know that many people are bleaching the knots of the lace.  This process can cause the lace to dry out.  Dry lace can cause premature shedding.