About Scheli

Scheli has been a licensed cosmetologist for over 26 years. She started specializing in hair extensions in the early 2000’s. After working with many women who wear hair extensions she started getting an influx of women from all walks of life and ages who were losing their hair. Frustrated with the inability to service them Scheli begin to create different methods of hair extensions to service these customers.  This later led to her taking classes to make wigs and these skills catapulted her to another level.


Now, there is very little Scheli can’t offer. She works with women who have a head full of hair and women who are suffering from hair loss. Simply put Scheli helps all her clients to not just wear their hair but create a life style for them.  Hair is so much more for women than people realize.  Scheli says, “When our hair is right, we will feel just as sexy in jeans and a t-shirt as we would in an Armani gown.”  Hair is our halo there is something spiritual about it for women.  Therefore, it can’t just be about hair it must be a lifestyle for us.

As Scheli serviced more and more women, she began to realize the “lifestyle” that she promoted blossomed from the inside. Many of her clients were women of power!  They were either running their own companies, VP’s or CEO’s of major companies, Supermom’s and/or wives standing beside powerful men.  One of her clients brought in a journal, it was a hair journal. Unbeknownst to Scheli she was keeping this journal to chronical the changes and milestones in her life.  She showed the journal to Scheli, it was 16 years of a lifestyle both She and Scheli had created together.  Over the 16 years the client changed her hair many times, lost 25 pounds, started her own successful business.  Upon closing the journalScheli’s client told her she had help do this. Scheli was very shocked. She asked her what she meant?  Her client told her all the years of sitting her chair Scheli was very transparent. Her client told her she motivated her to be her best self, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  She told Scheli she had prayed with her and pushed her. Scheli even talked to her about how important it was not to let herself go.  She told Scheli that she took everything she said into consideration and made changes.  This really inspired Scheli to become a life coach and an Image consultant.


Now Scheli has started another company, she works with women.  She coaches them to become and present their true self by working from the inside out. The hair is just the icing on the cake.  She calls herself an Image Life coach.  Scheli is now training a team to work with her as she prepares to help women all over the world walk in their true image from the inside out.

Learning to love and accept themselves right where they are, by connecting to their body and presenting truthful body Image.