Image Life coaching

What does an image life coach do?

A Image Life Coach works with people to help them present their true image from the inside out.  They help guide to them achieve their goals in by presenting a more positive and/or marketable image by upgrading their wardrobe, hair and make-up. I know, sounds superficial, right? I promise you it is anything but, it is a proven fact when people feel comfortable with their outer appearance their self-confidence increases tremendously.


This results in better work performance, the client finds themselves more out-going and willing to go after their dreams, go on that date, open that business, write that book, etc.  You fill in the blank.   This is done by helping the client to identify things that are keeping them from living in their true image.  Things like fear and inadequacy, which promotes negative thinking, and poor self-image. These equals self-sabotage.  When you are self-sabotaging you are in survival mode, which is a not acceptable. We were not put on this earth to survive we were put here to thrive!

We have listed some before and after photos and some testimonials from some of our clients.



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